Australian Chilled M4/M5 Wagyu Toma Hawk (1kg) 澳洲M4/M5和牛斧頭扒 (1公斤)

This product comes in 3-bone or 4-bone. The price shown is the cost per kg, and the total is calculated per kg of total weight that is around 5kg-6kg.

Please contact us for details.



澳洲和牛斧頭扒好有特色,好好味!澳洲和牛油花細密,油脂甘香,肉味濃 。 原支用作BBQ,味道一流 ,仲有台型或在家中用先煎後焗的煮法也可以。 Our Australian chilled Wagyu Tomahawk really is a must try ! Apart from its stunning eye catching long bone and beautiful marbling, the Tomahawk steak gives both a tender buttery texture and succulent beefy flavor. Ideal for barbecue or roast . Another good method is to simply pan-fry to a golden color then bake in the oven.