Australian Chilled Wagyu M4/M5 Oyster Blade (1kg) 澳洲M4/M5和牛牛板腱 (1公斤)

The product is sold as an entire strip. The price shown is the cost per kg, and the total is calculated per kg of total weight.

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取自於澳洲和牛肩胛部的牛板腱,油花分佈均勻,肉質軟嫩中富有彈性,香甜多汁,特色是中間含一條較嫩筋,板筋受熱後,口感香彈、更有層次,板腱算是CP值高的和牛部位,可廣泛運用在不同菜式中,厚切可作牛排、燉煮,切塊成骰子狀適合煎或燒烤,切成薄片適合燒烤! The Oyster Blade is a muscle that sits just below the shoulder blade which contains a soft tendon in the middle of the strip of meat. The wagyu meat is tender, sweet and juicy. It can be roasted whole or grilling then cut into steaks or thinly sliced for pan-fry, diced for stew and perfect for sous vide.