Australian Chilled Wagyu M6/7 Tenderloin (Whole Strip) 澳洲M6/7和牛牛柳 (原條) 3kg-5kg


The product is sold as an entire strip. Buying a whole strip, you can enjoy a special offer of 30% off the base price.The price shown in black is the base price kg, price in red is the 30% offer per kg. The total is calculated per kg of total weight.



澳洲和牛牛柳是牛最矜貴的部分,脂肪分佈平均,肉與油香平衡,牛味香濃,牛柳肉質好嫩又軟滑,烹調時只需少許的鹽便能帶出澳洲和牛的香濃肉味! Australian Chilled Wagyu Tenderloin is known for its balanced meat-to-fat ratio and melt-in-your-month tenderness, extremely precious, juicy and tender. Let's cook together!

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