Canadian Chilled Pork Rack (1kg) 加拿大特選鮮豬鞍 (1公斤)

The price is calculated per kg of the product.標價以1公斤計算



加拿大特選冰鮮豬鞍,口感肉質鮮嫩香軟, 肉汁豐富! 精選加拿大豬的飼養過程並無注射抗生素丶不含瘦肉精及不含荷爾蒙,並經過HACCP認證,大家食得放心和健康! 加少許鹽或黑椒煎香,就已經係豐富的一餐, 一家大細都啱食! 用作燒烤食材, 也是一個很好的選擇! Canadian Chilled Pork Rack is one of foodtalk’s popular products. The meat is tender, juicy and extremely delicious! All thanks to the pig’s feeding process that is antibiotic free, ractopamine free, growth hormone free and is HACCP certified. Simply panfry the pork rack, season with a pinch of salt and pepper, and then a tasty healthy meal is ready! It is also perfect for barbecue, a mouthwatering meal ensured.

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