Canadian Chinese Sausage (250g) 加拿大臘腸 (250克)



來自加拿大嘅產品, 傳統手切臘腸 (原味), 嚴選優質豬隻製造,採用純穀物飼養豬隻, 臘腸肥瘦比例適中,每一節都分佈均匀,入口份外甘香,令人一試傾心!用來整生炒糯米飯丶煲仔飯、荷葉飯一流! 加拿大臘腸: ❌瘦肉精、 ❌添加防腐劑、 ❌人造色素、 💯安心食用! Canadian traditional hand-cut Chinese Sausage is made with the finest grain-fed pork meat. With a balanced meat-to-fat ratio, the sausages have a sweet fragrant and a stunning taste that everyone loves. A must-have ingredient in your fried glutinous rice, clay pot rice and lotus leaf rice dishes! Canadian Chinese Sausage: ❌ractopamine, ❌added preservatives, ❌artificial colour, ✔️high quality!

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