Edamame (450g) 枝豆 (450克)



枝豆有大量的維他命、礦物質及纖維,當中的維他命K和葉酸比成熟大豆更豐富,絕對是非常健康的食材。 枝豆可灼燙、蒸或微波加熱煮熟,拌些許海鹽享用😋。又可冰鎮作為夏日小食、前菜或涼拌, 配上抹茶和麥茶,佐清酒及啤酒😌,都是不錯的選擇啊 ! 飽滿的小枝豆,粒粒口感粉糯紮實,齒頰留香。🤗🤗 Edamame is rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. It contains more vitamin K and folic acid than mature soybeans, and is definitely a very healthy ingredient. Edamame can be blanched, steamed or microwaved.😋 They can be mixed with a little sea salt and enjoyed as a snack or appetizer😃. Chilled edamame is perfect as a summer snack or a salad ingredient. They can also be served with matcha and barley tea as well as sake and beer. Extremely delicious.🤗🤗

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