French Duck Foie Gras Slices (100g) 法國鴨肝片(100克)



法國鴨肝風味濃郁😍,口感綿密滑順一入口😋,油脂在口中化開😌!在烹調時,鴨肝的失油率較鵝肝低😊,不容易變形👍🏻,因此愈來愈多法菜大廚以鴨肝取代鵝肝做菜。❤️❤️ 鴨肝具有高營養價值👍🏻,富含豐富維生素A、維生素B2,還具有一般肉類食品不含的維生素C和微量元素硒、鐵與維生素E。🤗 🍽️平底鍋預熱後,用鹽🧂與胡椒調味,煎至兩面焦香即可食用😋,更可搭配酸酸甜甜的醬汁或是水果作為頭盤料理,絕對美味加分! The French duck liver has a rich flavor, dense and smooth taste😋, as well as melt-in-your-mouth tenderness!😌 During cooking, duck liver has a lower oil loss rate than that of foie gras👍🏻. Therefore, more French chefs are willing to use duck liver for cooking. 🤗 Duck liver has high nutritional value❤️. It is rich in vitamin A and vitamin B2. It also has vitamin C and trace elements such as selenium, iron and vitamin E. 😊 🍽️After the pan is preheated, season it with salt🧂 and pepper, and then fry it until it turns golden brown on both sides😍. It can be served with sweet and sour sauce or fruit🍓🍊🍒 as a starter which is absolutely delicious!💖💖

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