Frozen French Quail Leg 急凍法國鵪鶉脾 (180g)



急凍法國鵪鶉脾肉質鮮嫩😋,肉味清甜🤤,營養價值高😊,啖啖肉,一家大細都岩食!😍 ➡️鵪鶉含豐富蛋白質丶低脂肪丶低膽固醇的健康食材👍🏻👍🏻。中醫評語是味甘丶性平,有補中益氣丶清利濕熱的食療作用😊,而且鵪鶉在法國是非常受歡迎,是五星級飯店的經典法國名菜, 如法式鵪鶉鑲鴨肝!😍 ⭐鵪鶉脾 用香煎或烤焗的方法,一方面保留了其肉質清甜的特點❤️,另一方面又把鵪鶉變得皮脆肉嫩😋! 亦可配上沙律菜🥙或意大利飯😊,成為一道美味可口的佳餚!👍🏻👍🏻 Quail is a delicious and healthy food🤤 that contains high nutritional value; rich in protein, vitamins and low fat content.👍🏻👍🏻 It is a belief of traditional Chinese medical culture that quail has the therapeutic effects of replenishing vital energy and clearing excess dampness and heat from inner body😊. Quail meat is juicy💦,moist and packed with flavor😋. It is a perfect dish for special occasions and can provide an elegant dinner😍. Quail is often used in French cuisine and served in many five-star restaurants ! ☺️ ⭐Quail Leg ➡️🍽️Quail is extremely versatile. Quail leg can be roasted, barbecued, pan fried, baked, served on its own or with salads, risottos, curries and pies.🤗🤗