Frozen Moroccan Red Carabineros Prawn (6-8pcs/pack) 急凍摩洛哥紅蝦 (6-8隻裝)



One of the most coveted prawns in kitchens and fine dining restaurants worldwide, the beautiful Spanish Scarlet "Carabineros" are a large deep-sea prawn species that hail across the Eastern Atlantic into the Mediterranean Sea. Their distinctive red color does not change when cooked, and they have a sweeter and more robust flavor than any other species of prawns. These exquisite prawns are best enjoyed simply grilled, but they can also be poached, sautéed, steamed and are also excellent in pastas and paellas! 美麗的西班牙猩紅色“Carabineros”是世界上廚房和美食餐廳中最令人垂涎的大蝦之一,是一種大型深海蝦種類,可以通過東大西洋進入地中海。 它們特有的紅色在煮熟時不會改變,並且比任何其他蝦類更甜,更鮮味。 這些精緻的大蝦最好吃方法是烤,但也可以被煮熟,炒,蒸,或意大利面和西班牙海鮮飯也是非常好的配搭!

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