Frozen New Zealand Grass-Fed Beef Mince (500g) 紐西蘭草飼免治牛肉 (500克)



紐西蘭環境優質,出產的牛隻品質有保證! 當地採用天然放牧及草飼育牛,因此牛隻不但十分健康,而且肥瘦均勻。整個紐西蘭免治牛肉.只有兩成的肥肉, 所以較低脂及低卡路里;適合既重視健康飲食,又希望享受優質肉食的朋友! 建議煮法: 適合做肉丸、漢堡扒、煎炒或是作為意粉及飯的配料。 New Zealand produces some of the best beef in the world! The beef is grass-fed, highly nutritious and full of flavour. It is also naturally lean. When it comes to choosing healthy protein for you and your family, New Zealand minced beef is a delicious and healthy choice! Suggested cooking methods: Ideal for meatballs and hamburger steaks. Also suitable for stir-frying or as an ingredient for pasta and rice.

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