Frozen Spanish Spring Chicken 急凍西班牙春雞



西班牙走地黃油春雞走地飼養約33日,農場提供足夠活動空間讓春雞在草地上活動,並以天然穀物作為糧食、並無添加激素或抗生素。春雞肉質特別嫩滑多汁,也非常柔軟細膩,所以最是受到廚師的歡迎! 建議煮法:燒烤,煎,烤焗,水煮,燴。 Spanish Yellow Poussins (spring chickens) are distinguished for their delicate and tasty meat. They are grown free range about 33 days and fed on natural cereals, without any added hormones nor antibiotics. The spring chicken meat is tender, is juicy, flavorful and succulent. Hence, they are popular with chefs. Suggested cooking methods: Roasting, pan-frying, baking, boiling and braising.

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