Griottines Décor 25% (With Stem) (1L) 連枝酒浸櫻桃 25% (1公升)



Griottines Décor are delicious wild Morello Cherries with natural stalk, stone removed and 25% alcohol content An idea for cocktails, desserts, chocolate and confectionery, savory dishes and as a decorative topping. Origin : France 連枝酒浸櫻桃使用一種獨特的方法, 去除核並保留原裝莖桿, 酒精含量為25% 酒浸櫻桃可用於雞尾酒, 美味佳餚和甜點, 亦可作為裝飾材料之一。 原產地 : 法國

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