Iceland Fish Maw Roll (250g) 冰島鱈魚花膠卷 (250克)



鱈魚膠🐟是冰島鱈魚的魚鰾製成😊已浸發處理 ,鱈魚產自潔淨的北歐水源💧,鱈魚膠不腥不臊😋,煮法多變👍🏻,咸甜皆宜,是不少客人的花膠入門之選!❤️ 已浸發處理,方便易用 鱈魚膠含高蛋白質😍、低脂肪,口感軟滑,膠質豐富😌, 味道清香🤤,適宜用作炆燉、煲湯、煮糖水👍🏻,亦可加入打邊爐的湯底,令家常美食變成濃厚的滋補妙品!🤗 Fish maw roll is made from the swim bladder of Iceland cod. The cods grow in the clean waters in Iceland, therefore fish maw roll is not fishy and it is suitable to make different cuisines. Fish maw roll contains high proteins, low fats. The texture is extremely smooth and it is rich in collegens. (soaking treatment),perfect for braising and as ingredients in soup, sweet soup or even as the soup base for hotpot!

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