Mushroom Ball (300g) 香菇貢丸 (300克)



台灣香菇貢丸,100% 台灣製造, 不含防腐劑 ! 嚴選優質豬隻及脂肪較少的部分製成,肉汁特別鮮味。混合粒粒香菇在肉丸之中,雙重口感。真材實料的彈牙口感,好味又多汁, 令人一試愛上。 Mushroom Ball is 100% made in Taiwan and no added preservatives! It is made of the finest pork meat with less fat, delicious and juicy. Diced mushrooms are mixed in the meatballs to add texture and fragrant. Dense and spongy texture with juicy filling that everyone will enjoy.

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