Mutti Double Concentrate (130g) 意大利Mutti 茄膏 (130克)



Mutti Double concentrate 茄膏像牙膏小小的一支,用途多到不得了,可以用來抄香做羅宋湯,做肉醬意粉的底醬,Pizza 底的茄醬, 還有很多西式煮法的用途100%意大利制造,由於整支茄膏成分只有蕃茄和鹽,所以味道非常簡單,亦十分百搭. 價格超級相宜的它,怎可能不放一兩支在家中看門口 Mutti Double concentrate. It’s just look like a toothpaste, but the use of it is more than incredible: borscht; Spaghetti Bolognese; Pizza Sauce; there are a lot of different way to cook for Western-style dishes. . 100% made in Italy, its ingredients only 99.5% tomatoes and salt, so the taste is very simple, but also very wild. Price super affordable, how could we not put one or two at home

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