Sarriegui Salted Potato Chips (150g) 西班牙橄欖油薯片 (150克)



Sarriegui薯片用最優質的初榨橄欖油裝成😋,不含麩質,多款口味👍🏻,香脆可口😍! 這系列的薯片更榮獲國際美味大獎🏆, 🧡Sarriegui薯片(原味, 150g) 經典原味,保留橄欖油自然的清香😍,薄片香脆的口感,一片接一片,簡直是愛不釋手!🥰 Sarriegui potato chips are produced from the finest extra virgin olive oil😋, with different flavours😍 and gluten-free. Extremely crispy and tasty👍🏻! It is the award winner of the international great taste award🏆! Three flavors of potato chips are available at our stores. Please come and choose your favourite!🤗 🧡Sarriegui Potato Chips (Original, 150g) Classic flavour, the natural taste of extra virgin olive oil makes it a irresistible snack for you!🥰

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