Australian Chilled Grass-Fed Tenderloin (Whole Strip) 澳洲冰鮮草飼牛柳 (原條) 2kg-4kg

The product is sold as an entire strip. Buying a whole strip, you can enjoy a special offer of 30% off the base price.The price shown in black is the base price per kg, price in red is the 30% offer per kg. The total is calculated per kg of total weight.




Naturally grass fed, free of growth-promoting hormones. Muscle group: Loin, Suggested cooking method: Roast, Grill, Barbecue, Stir-fry, Hotpot/Sukiyaki 養牛在天然的牧場進食當地的牧草成長,絕無使用生長激素; 肌肉組織:腰脊; 建議烹飪方法:烘烤,烤架,燒烤,炒,火鍋/日式火鍋