Canadian Chilled CAB Boneless Short Rib (1kg) 加拿大特選安格斯牛小排 (1公斤)

The price is calculated per kg of the product.標價以1公斤計算



Cattle have been processing to a grain finishing no less than 180days. Grain fed: Mainly are wheat & barley; Muscle group: Rib; Suggested Cooking Method: Grill, Barbecue, Stir-fry, Hotpot/Sukiyaki, Stew/Braise 養牛都經過至少180 天的殼物飼養。殼物飼料為小麥和大麥; 肌肉組織:肋脊; 建議烹飪方法:烘烤,烤架,燒烤,炒,火鍋/日式火鍋,燉/蒸

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