French La Potagère Lobster Bisque (1L) 法國龍蝦濃湯 (1L)



新貨上架🔥<暖笠笠湯品😍- 法國龍蝦濃湯 (1L)❤️> 在寒冷的天氣, 喝熱騰騰的濃湯,絕對能帶來極致的幸福滿足感🥰! foodtalk 為大家介紹來自法國品牌 La Potagère 的龍蝦濃湯🤩,龍蝦湯質感濃稠、口感豐富、充滿鮮甜味,讓你由內至外溫暖身心!😊 打造方便、美味、健康的產品、尊重環境👍🏻,都是這個法國知名品牌的目標。法國龍蝦濃湯由優質食材和最美味的食譜製成😋,非常適合作為晚餐的前菜湯品、意大利飯或意粉的醬汁!🥰 煮法: - 將龍蝦濃湯搖勻後打開包裝,無須加水,倒入平底鍋並用小火煮熱。將龍蝦濃湯倒入容器中,然後在上菜前攪拌,即可享用。 -也可以把加熱後的龍蝦濃湯製成意大利飯或意粉的醬汁,在家都能品嘗六星級的享受! ➡️依家就嚟選購! 如有任何查詢,歡迎與我們聯絡。 New Item🔥< Tasty Soup to Warm Your Heart😍- French La Potagère Lobster Bisque (1L)❤️> A bowl of warm soup on a chilly winter day envelops us in the most comforting and satisfying way possible. 🥰 foodtalk is bringing you the La Potagère Lobster Bisque Soup from France that will nourish you from the inside out these cold days.🤩 Creating the convenient, tasty yet healthy products, and respecting the environment, these are the aims of this well-known French brand👍🏻. Made with quality ingredients and the best delicious recipe, this soup is perfect as a starter of your dinner, or serving as ingredient for risotto and pasta.😊 Serving Instructions: - Shake the lobster bisque well before opening the package and do not add water. Pour the soup onto a pan and heat over low heat for a few minutes. Then, pour the lobster soup into a suitable container and stir before serving. - The heated lobster bisque can also be made into a sauce for risotto or pasta! Extremely convenient to enjoy an exquisite meal at home! ➡️ Come shop now. For enquiries, please contact us for details.