Frozen White Shrimp Meat (454g) 急凍白蝦仁 (454克)



近日悶熱的天氣☀️令人胃口大減,係時候吃一些清新醒胃的沙律🥙,再配上優質的食材❤️❤️! 今日為大家推介foodtalk 的急凍白蝦仁🦐去製作沙律,爽口彈牙的蝦肉👍🏻,配以酸甜醒胃的菠蘿🍍、牛油果🥑、青檸和芝麻沙律汁❤️❤️, 絕對是夏日的最佳食譜! 😊 The sweltering weather in recent days ☀️ makes us lose our appetites. It’s time to eat refreshing salads 🥙, coupled with high-quality ingredients ❤️❤️! Go for a delightful seafood salad, using foodtalk’s frozen white shrimp meat 🦐 👍🏻, mix with pineapple🍍, avocado 🥑, lime juice and finish with a punchy turmeric sesame dressing.❤️❤️ Definitely one of the best summer recipes for everyone! 😊