Tiptree Lemon Marmalade Jam (340g) 檸檬果醬 (340克)



From the expert fruit growers and preserves at Tiptree comes this tasty thin cut lemon marmalade.This delicious marmalade makes a lovely change from more conventional marmalades, with a lemon flavour that's tangy but not too sour. Great on buttered toast or a home made scone, this jar will disappear very quickly. It could also be used to sandwich together a layered lemon cake for an impressive dessert. Tiptree 檸檬果醬味道極之香濃丶酸甜適中!非常適合配多士丶鬆餅或是作為蛋糕夾層的果醬!絕對能夠打開沉睡的味蕾!

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