Tiptree Little Scarlet Strawberry Jam (340g) 小草莓果醬 (340克)



The product for which Tiptree is best knows, delicious dark crimson jam made from the tiny, rare & intensely sweet Little Scarlet strawberry. Wilkin & Sons are belived to be the only commerical growers of this fruit anywhere in the world today, making Little Scarlet conserve utterly unique to Tiptree. Gluten Free, Made in a nut free factory, suitable for vegetarians, kosher certified. Tiptree最好最有名的產品,由微小,稀有和強烈甜蜜的小猩猩草莓製成的美味深紅色果醬。小猩猩草莓 Wilikin & Sons 被認為是當今世界上唯一的商業種植者。 無麩質, 在無堅果廠製造 適合素食者,猶太教認證。